Friday, August 24, 2007

1. You've got a craving for sweets but it's too late at night and the only thing open is the corner convenience store. What do you get? My first choice would be an Abazaba most places don't carry those and they are horrible on my teeth. Second choice would be skittles

2. What's something you lent to someone that you'd really like back now? My green shorts, it's so hard for my little waist big butt to find cute shorts that are short enough to look like shorts and not high waters on me and long enough to cover what needs to be. My mom borrowed them and she really likes them. I may not get them back Ever.......

3. It's some one's birthday, and you've GOT to come up with something to give him or her RIGHT NOW. What have you got? I would make them a card. I have just gotten into card making and it is so fun and you can really personalize something to make it really special for them.

4. I'm buying you a lifetime subscription to any magazine you want. What will it be? It would be either Countryliving, or Better Homes and Gardens. There are so many great ideas and fun things to improve your home in those books, and alot of it is do it yourself--CHEAP

5. What is something you used to dislike, but now love? Diet Coke--Thanks to my aunt Karen, but especially my girlfriend Lisa, she was a serious d.c. drinker and got me hooked

Thanks Mandi I stole your questions, I don't remember the website you said it was to get these funny questions


Lisa Brown said...

What?? I don't drink diet coke! :) Sorry I had that influence on you! I love abazabas too! When the braces come off, I am getting one.

Mandi said...
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Mandi said...

ugh I hate Abazaba- they have peanut butter right? That's probably why. I am loving those lame nerds ropes thanks to Scott now though!

Mandi said...

No - they barely have their guestlist done (which Chad said was too long) but they are shooting for April sometime. They want an outside wedding, so it's a small window where it is not too hot and not too cold. They were over last night for dinner but didn't talk about it too much.

My poor girls have cancer on both sides...Brian's Mom had breast cancer too. My girls are screwed! I did some research and less than 1% of thyroid nodules are cncerous and if it is cancer there is a 97% success rate for curing it. Im not too worried. Brian canceled his Reno trip that week though, so he could be at the appointment with me, so that's cool.

Glad you had fun camping. we are doing just a weekend trip this weekend to Mt Charleston to camp...then no vacations till Thanksgiving. We are going to Cali though for that, so it will be nice to be "home" for Thanksgiving. Haven't done that in 12 years because of Black Friday in retail!

Mandi said...

update already ;o)