Monday, April 5, 2010

Silvercreek Falls

A while back we went and hiked 2 miles at Silvercreek Falls, it was a beautiful day. Our goal this summer is to hike 50 miles combined with all the kids, it will be hard but extremely rewarding as well.

The kids had a great time, seeing the falls, finding bugs, throwing rocks and sticks down into the water way below. If you are wondering yes that is a harness Scott made for Talmadge the morning we left. He knew how stressed I am with that child and to make things more enjoyable for me, he made that leash. I'm glad he did the first chain link fence we came to of course he started to climb it with rocks and water 150 feet down, he just me so nervous.

Each of them also carried all their water the whole way, Scott made them a rope to carry it on their shoulders.

Cannon did great the whole time, not a even a peep out of him, when we stopped for lunch he stayed in his pack, and eventually fell asleep at the end of the hike.

We are really looking forward to some fun hikes this summer, any suggestions please let us know.

My cute boys, and yes that is my husband.......his beard is now gone, thank goodness!!!

Butterfly Exhibit

One of the things we did during out Spring Break this year was visit "Wings of Wonder". I heard about it through a friend and decided it would be fun to check it out. I didn't know what to expect. It was beautiful and the kids just loved it.

Cannon was a little uneasy about the whole thing but then again why wouldn't you be there were some almost as big as his head.

We had to be very careful to not step on them, they were all over. My mom went to sit down and I noticed this one had taken a liking to her behind. Lucy yelled "Grandma don't sit you have a butterfly on your butt". I'm sure she appreciates that picture.

This particular butterfly stopped on Sterling's shoulder and refused to move, he thought that was so cool, and left it there for majority of the time we were in the atrium.

Talmadge loved every minute of this, although it was very hard to keep him from running around and trampling over all the butterflies. He was more interested in the frogs, and lizards that were there too.
This was Zoie's favorite one, mainly because it was the only one she got a hold of, you were not allowed to pick them up, or catch them. If they landed on you it was a free game, you just couldn't touch their wings. Also if they were on a plant you could very carefully put your finger next to them to see if they would crawl onto you. Zoie was a little apprehensive.

Birthday Boy!!!

So this is pretty much lame, I down loaded all of my pictures if you want to start at the beginning go to the bottom of my post and work your way up.And I think his most favorite part of the day was the bath in the sink. Thanks to all the family who came and got him gifts and celebrated with us a wonderful year with our baby boy.
I love his chubby little fingers

He had no problems diving into his extra large cupcake, and ate for a long time in his chair

This is a typical Lashmett face, we all joke about the mouth wide open catching flies. He also just like his sister has a huge mouth, in fact we think it's even bigger.
We got lots of balloons with helium and tons with out, he loves them.

It was a pretty uneventful day in the beginning for the most part, we played and wrestled on the ground and wore himself out. After hugging on him he fell asleep on the rug next to me.