Monday, November 2, 2009

Trunk or Treat

The gang.......even Dad has to get in on the fun, he is hard to see.

The "Pirate Girl"
"Scary, Dead, Bride" where she came up with that we still don't know, and our little Sponge Bob we made his and he loved it!!!!
This year for Halloween everyone was sick with the flu. But that did not stop my little trick or tr eaters. We went to the church and did a trunk or treat and we were done in 40 minutes it was great. The kids made out with tons of candy and I swear that was the only thing they ate for the whole next day. We are still battleing with the flu. The boys, Scott, and I are on the beginning stages of it so we are in for a loooonnnngggg week.

Good Morning Mom

I just went through my edit posts and saw that I never posted this. It is funny how quick I forget what a little trouble maker he is. I sure do love this adventurous and curios boy of mine. This is how I woke up one morning when I walked into my kitchen. I guess he was hungry and looking for a ziploc bag to put his cereal in.

How could you be mad at that face!!!!!