Thursday, September 13, 2007

While you were sleeping

Dad woke up to an interesting new attire. The girls were so gentle and quiet he didn't even budge the whole time. The couldn't leave the helpless baby out of all the fun so he got plastered with stickers too. They have so much fun being silly

Hard being a baby

I love when they play so hard they crash in the middle of it all.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sexy Huh.......

Nice.....for those of you who don't know this is my older brother, isn't he hot. Ha-Ha he is a real comic. We were hosting a birthday party at our house, and Scott and I went to Goodwill and bought a bunch of dress up stuff for the kids. This was what Marsh came out in. No this is not his real hair although the color matches and it looked so nice with his facial hair. We had a good laugh. It's always nice to have goofballs around to poke fun of. He is very quiet and usually the one making fun of others so rolls changed. He will love that this was on the internet :0)

Costco Muffin

Although I could have been really upset at this moment I was not. Instead Scott and I enjoyed watching and laughing at Talmadge trying to figure out how to get this huge muffin into his mouth. The girls left one downstairs on the chest box, they aren't suppose to eat anywhere downstairs. So he found it and was trying so hard to reach it and once he finally did he kept looking at me like "is this o.k." Needless to say it was a camera moment, and we had fun cleaning it up when he had enough.

Bad Blogger

Wow, I'm not on the computer very often so when I am I check my e-mails quickly and my blogs. I find myself surfing blogs looking up people that I haven't talked to or seen in years and enjoying everyone else's stories, pictures, and entries. By the time I'm done I don't want to do my own so, I don't. Sorry I will have to get back to the habbit of doing a new Post first. I sure is fun to look around and see so many people communicating and informing their loved one's who are far away.