Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I would say boys are trouble, but........

It seems like not that long ago I was dealing with Lucy doing all sorts of fun things like this. I have a journal of just things my sweet Lucy did. She was TROUBLE, she now is wonderful, but I could not leave her alone for one second and things were in serious condition. I know most of you probably think that of your child at one point in time but now that I'm to #3 I am seeing Lucy was really a handful, and her brother is not too far from being the same way.

How could I be mad at a face like that when I got out of bed this morning. Scott had gotten up and took Talmadge out of bed, changed his diaper and got him ready for the day, while I was sound asleep still. When I woke up it was really queit and I heard a little talking out front, so I got up and to my amazement my whole cupboard was on the floor emptied with Talmadge in the middle of it all. Apparantly Dad didn't know he was hungry.
The picuture does not do it justice but, 3 different types of cereals all poured out on the floor, instant oatmeal packages opened 8 to be exact. 3 hot chocolate bags opened. Saran wrap unwound, all of my ziploc baggies scattered along with the brown lunch sacks for Lucy, and the start of aluminum foil being torn and thrown all over. I really am a good mom, it just seems when I try and take a moment to sleep, relax, work on the computer, clean, do laundry, cook, I turn around and another room is destroyed........but I really love my children. They keep me on my toes, and to think we still want more, sometime I wonder about my sanity.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And so it begins.......

It has been a while since my last post but we have been really busy. So much has been going on and we just can't seem to help ourselves by starting new projects. Scott and I both like to rip things apart and put them back together but,...........we are both terrible at finishing projects before we move on to the next so as you see here this is our new project.

Our basement bathroom is gutted just down to the bath tub, we are putting in heated floor system, new countertops, new flooring, lighting, sheetrock, ect........our goal is to have this done before my in-laws come which is May 21 or somewhere around there. Keep in mind we have already started ripping apart the only other bathroom upstairs, it has no flooring in the part we have to shower in, and a sink is gone, but hey it has 2 toilets still

In the meantime we have many other projects that we want to finish before then also, including grouting my kitchen countertops(which have been tiled now for almost 2 years), tiling my backsplash behind my stovetop (which has been partly my fault because I haven't found a cool design I would like to do, now I'm ready) tile my outside entry way (we have had the tile in the garage for almost 2 years). As you can see the list goes on we still have a ton of projects that are on going, I think that is just normal for homeowners.

I thinks Scott and I both look forward to the day we can build our own house and have everything done just the way we want it, although we both like to do projects and change things often so, that wouldn't last very long either.

All in all my poor husband is so busy and the last thing he wants to do is come home and work on his own home doing what he does all day, I must not be too bad of a nag, but it seems when family comes he gets a little spark under his butt and things get done. Hint hint, grandma and grandpa, mandi, jeff, chad, family come see us more often. :0)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Here are just a few photo's of the girls. I guess I watch a little to much of the annoying Tyra Banks show. But the girls love to pose for the camera. Zoie has just started to really like taking the pictures and looking "so beautiful" as she tells me all the time. "My I'm so beautiful aren't I".

Well and then there is Lucy who is a Diva in her own little way, can you just say DRAMA. The pictures of her turned out a little dark, but I'm sure there will be many shots left to take.

Sorry for a lot of people who visit my blog but I do my posts and most of my blogs on my children and give updates to my family who live far away and don't get to see the kids, so this is a way for them to see pictures and hear about updates.

Strike a pose

I'm really excited for the end of the year dance recital that they will be involved in May it will be so much fun and they are both really looking forward to will be posted for sure

Friday, April 4, 2008

Cute Kids

Just a random picture I took the other day before Lucy went to school. She was dressed so cute in some of her new Easter cloths, as was Zoie so I took some cute pictures. Didn't realize till after the fact that Talmadge was still in his sleepers, either way you can't really tell. Mornings around my house are a nightmare, I love the days that we don't have to rush off somewhere. Next year everyday we will have to take Lucy to school, so after this summer the rest of my life begins with School, School, and more School.