Monday, September 8, 2008

Well I suppose it's time

It has been a very long and eventful summer, that's mostly why I didn't post, too much going on and not enough time. All you moms out there who continue to post and have your children give yourselves a pat on the back, I'm definatley not one of them. Being on the computer drives me crazy.

We spent lots and lots of time at the lake on our boat, lot's and lot's of time working in our backyard, yeah it's finally done. Ton's of time with church callings, and church duties, service projects to wedding plannings. My 30th Birthday party, I'm definatley starting to feel old. To top the summer of we were able to go to Vegas for Scott's little brothers wedding. It was a really good time and extremely hot. We were able to see family and the girls were able to reconnect with their cousins they don't see very often. We visited the strip, swam, went to a majic show, ate lots of yummy food, danced, had a WWF fight with all the girls cousins, did I mention my girls are tough and won both fights........we had alot of fun, if I get around to it I will post pictures. Lucy starts her first day of Kindergarten tomorrow, she is growing up so fast, I can't believe she is already off to school and she couldn't be more excited about it.

And last but not least we just decided that a party of five in our family wasn't enough, yes that's right we will be having baby #4 at the end of March. We are really excited as are the kids. I feel really good thanks to a pill I got from the doctor, if I don't have it I'm sick, sick, sick. I am not looking forward to when I start showing and I have to go out and about. I already get looks from people like "do you believe in birth control", it will be interesting to see the heads turning as I walk down the supermarket isle. You mothers with lot's of small children know exactly what I'm talking about.