Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's New

Well I just checked my blog and I thought I should update since the last depressing post that was left a while ago. Sometimes my blog is like a journal and I just vent, and that's what the last post was. Sorry I didn't mean to worry anyone, but things are looking up here at the Lashmett home. Everyone is doing well and no more pain for Zoie. Her bumps have almost all left, (she still has a few that will probably be there forever, says the doc.) All her tests are normal, and she seems to be bouncing right back to herself........ Thanks for all the comments and prayers. We will be getting on with life back to normal. Thank goodness

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Henoch-Schoenlein Purpura

Holy Crap-----My poor children. Scott and I really should have thought twice about bringing kids into this world together, although I don't think it would have mattered anyways. This fun new disease/virius has just rocked my poor little Zoie.

O.k. so her ear drum burst last week so she has been on antibiotics, yes again. Well she woke up Thursday morning crying saying her legs hurt, she layed in the hallway after the shower for about 45 minutes, I sat down with her and took off her towel and holy @#$*, she had red bumps all over her arms and legs. I called the doctor to ask what then thought. They were under the impression she was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics that she has only been on about 10 times I swear. Anyway they ordered us a new one so I needed to go to Costco and pick it up. Throughout the day she just complained her legs hurt and she was really weak and not eating, I was thinking, I'm not so sure this is an allergic reaction. Anyway Scott got home and we headed to Costco I took Zoie to my brothers so she didn't have to go with us.

When we returned to pick her up as we put her in the car she starting crying really bad saying her leg hurt we lifted up her pants and on her leg it looked like someone hit her as hard as they could with a bat. IT WAS HUGE, AND DOUBLED IN SIZE. As you can imagine at that point we decided to call the doctor again and tell them about this. This is all with out them looking at her spots, well they still said give her benadryl for the swelling but you should probably take her in to the ER. Friday night at 5pm you can only imagine it was packed. Luckily we got in quickly due to it being an allergic reaction so her airway may have been closing. Once in and after the doctor had seen us it came to a screetching halt it was definaltely not an allergic reaction so the process was now very slow. They took samples of blood, not fun. And also she had to pee in a cup. 7 hours later we were home with a print out of this so we could read up on it:

What she has in an inflammatory response within the blood vessels and/or capillaries. It is seen as puple spots on the skin, joint pain, gastrointestinal pain, and kidney disorders occurring in children ages two to eleven. The cause is not known but is thought to be an abnormal response by the immune system .

What to look for:
Primarily, redness and swelling of the skin caused by congestion of the capillaries
Purple spots usually on the lower extremeties and buttocks byt may involve elbows, trunk, and face
Lack of energy
Low-grade fever, joint pains, nausea/vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloody stools, bloody urine.

There is no treatment, it just has to run it's course which could be up to 3 months. I can give her motrin for the pain and that's about it. It resolves spontaneously with out treatment, but may recur several times before complete remission. Lots of rest and drinking lots of fluids. If we find problems in stool or urine then it becomes more serious, and it could get ugly. So of course as does every mother I think worse case senerio. So far no blood in stool or urine. We will have to check for these things for up to 2 years every month to insure no complications.

Intestinal hemorrhage
Intestinal obstruciton
Intestinal perforation (hole in the intestine)
Death can occur from gastrointestial complications, renal failure, or central nervous system involvement, but these outcomes are very rare.

This usually lasts from four to six weeks but often recurs
Most children get well but some children can develop end state renal disease(kidney failure)

So as you can see it could be very scary and so I'm on high alert everyday checking poops, and trying to control the pain in her joints and making sure she doesn't get abdominal pain........I'm just so greatful for my sweet Zoie and wish there was more I could do for her. I'm sure everything will be o.k. She has had some blessings, and is under good care. We have a doctor check up on Thrusday to do more testing. Crazy the obstacles and trials that are put in our lives, just when I think everyone is finally getting better we get this..........I know there is light at the end of the tunnel and that my Heavely Father is aware of our little family.

I'm telling you if it's weird, were going to get it. I have a huge journal of the things my children, and even husband have had in their lives, it's quite interesting

Sorry such a long post, and I can't figure out spell check so sorry I'm horrible at spelling.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma

There she is in all her glory with cute little babies in both arms. Although she now has 4 girls, 2 boys, and were not sure what is next on the way with Mandi so she has 7 grandkids in about 5 years, not too bad Grandma.

Happy Birthday to the best mother in-law I could ask for. I'm truly blessed to be a part of the Lashmett family. Shirley has demonstrated to me time and time again of her selflessness. She is always thinking of others and often sends goodies just because, to the kids and myself even :) She never forgets birthdays, anneversaries, and special occasions.

She is a workaholic, and sets the standards high for those who are to follow her. She taught my husband how to work hard, and how to treat women and I'm greatful for that.

She is a great mother to her children, and an even better grandma to her grandkids. Wish we could be there to celebrate this day with you.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

So.....I've been tagged, thanks to Jenny :)

The rules of the game are to answer the questions, tag 5 other people, post their name then leave them a message on their blog letting them know that they have been tagged and so forth.

*10 Years Ago?
Oh let's see that was good times then. I was working in Oregon managing a car wash (that is a story in it's self), playing alot and living the single life to the fullest extent. I'm pretty sure I was up to no good. But we definately will not go there.

*5Things On My To Do list?-
1-Locate more crockpots for my enrichment activity
2-go to the doctors, once again for more ear infections
3-wash/vacuum my car
4-put together an activity for the kids at Lucy's school on Valentines day
5-stress.....then stress some more about my Enrichment on the 12, then I can breathe and go back to life for a little while longer

*3 Bad Habits?-
1-I know, I know I've heard it all before......Energy Drinks
2-I hate to make my bed......but my husband loves it so I'm trying to make it a good habit
3-I leave my cloths on the floor in the shower room

*Places I have Lived?-
Salem, Oregon
Provo, Utah
Mission Viejo, California

Things Most People Don't Know About Me?-
-I love to paint and have on going projects to work on around the house
-I competed on the National level of gymnastics for many years
-I am a clean freak about my floors, and kitchen
-I really dislike preparing an meat for meals

I tag......
Mandi Ausman
Lisa Brown
Jen Hiser
Cheyenne Hayes
Carrie Cox

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The art of being a boy

Right for the hair, and she hardly has anything to grab a hold of.

Mauling........Poor defenseless baby

Well, this poor little girl. This is Talmadge's cousin Logaan. She comes over occasionally, but this is her first experience with hair pulling, and mauling. Talmadge has figured out how to hurt, hit, tackle, and his best defense yet, pull hair. I have no good pictures of the grips he has had in the past on his sister because normally I am prying him off them. It must be a boy thing, the girls never pulled hair. If he is going down, a head with hair is going with him. He knows it's not very nice, and he has a huge grin on his face when he sees an opportunity to grab a hold and yank with all his might, and of course laughing about it, as

his sister(s) are crying.

Monday, February 4, 2008

So proud

We did it. For those of you who have never had a rodent problem, consider yourselves extremely lucky. There is nothing worse than trying to put your children to sleep at night with rats, (yes, not mice rats) running around squealing and pretty much just grossing you out. Or waking up in the middle of the night and hearing them, scratching, fighting, mating, or whatever they do right above your head. Just anticipating them all falling through the ceiling and landing on top of my bed.
We got traps and went to work, it's kinda funny that we would get so excited and check the traps almost hourly during the day, and first thing in the morning, and Scott and I before we went to bed would go check again. We got 4 and the problem is gone, this was the last one that was murdered so terribly. We got creative with our traps and set this particular one on the end of the shelve. Well he jumped up to get the treat a WHAM!!!! It did exactly what we had hoped, what a great picture right, there he is dangling in mid air with his head clamped. The murder was so proud. As you can tell we put alot of planning into exterminating our little friends, it sounds really sick and twisted. So I guess we are when it comes to killing rodents.

Please do not be afraid, they are gone. We may all rest in peace now.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Love this girl

Little Zoie, something about the middle child syndrome, she definately either milks it or she truley is ignored more. Her sense of humor is halarious and she is so animated when she, yells at me and tells me things I'm doing wrong. A perfect example I say on a regular basis "bloody", it's a great adjective, and it's not a bad word. According to Zoie it is,

"Mom your saying that word again, to me, it's not very nice, and I don't appreciate it."

Since when does your 3 year old tell you they don't appreciate things. She then proceeds to tell me.....

"We don't call names, we don't call people Stupid, and we don't say bloody. We can't talk about weiners, and boobs, or body parts."

The things our kids say and remember, I have to really watch what comes out of my mouth.

A little more update, life is good here, Lucy is well and recovering. We had a doctor checkup today and she needs to be on antibiotics, yes imagine that she has an infection. She is a tough girl never complains about it and you would never know she was in more pain. She caught a cold virius about 2 days after surgery and has a horrible cough and is really congested, her throat is very vunerable and caught an infedtion. She will be good as new in about 5 days. I'm so glad for modern technology, and medicines that will help us all feel better quicker.