Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The last few months have been a blur, we have had a lot going on, Talmadge had his 2nd Birthday along with his Grandma on Thanksgiving day, Zoie also turned 4 On Dec. 4. We had Thanksgiving at my home which consisted of 15 adults and 14 kids from 8 years old and younger, it was chaos but a ton of fun. We celebrated Grandma, and Talmadges birthday later in the evening and he was super excited about opening gifts, he loved all his gifts, his favorites were the big truck that made noise and the train set from Grandma Lashmett. He loves action hero guys so he got them on top of his cake, fighting with the candels he kept saying "Cool guys". (By the way his eyes are really crossed in the picture)

Zoie wanted her party at the Pietros Pizza in town which she calls the "pirate place", there was lots of games, miniature golf, and prizes at the end, she was so excited and counting down the days for her birthday. She wanted a cupcake tower, with purple frosting, and insisted on helping frost all the cupcakes. She also recieved plenty of gifts, and loved, loved, loved her new jewlery box. Thanks for all the gifts they recieved and the good times we had.