Monday, January 24, 2011

Raising little boys

So the last few weeks I have been studying and trying to learn as much as I can about little BOYS. They are so different and to say that Talmadge is a handful is a huge understatement. I am up for any books or ideas on teaching and learning about how to raise boys. They are both such a delight to me in two totally different ways, and I'm so grateful to be their mother even though it is extremely challenging at times. I'm learning to pray and search the scriptures for patience and help, but I need all the help I can get, so give me ideas :"}


Carrie said...

As the mother of 2 boys, all I can say is I love it when my kids turn 5 years old. :)

Ages 3 and 4 were tough years for both of my kids and I spent many a night thinking "I'm a failure at this parenting thing!"

Hang in there. :)

Jen said...

Wait until the teen years. Then you'll wish you had 5 boys. :)