Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Long time coming

It has been sooooo long since I last posted a blog I just didn't even know where to start, or sort through any pictures. So Grandma L this is mainly for you the pictures are all jumbled up, and a mess but this was majority our summer. We had camping trips ect. but I didn't bring my camera, smart me!
This is a pile of worms Talmadge found after we ran the sprinklers in the back yard for a while, he was pulling them out of the ground like a bird, the worms tripling in size as they stretched
Lots of canning............ the girls were a ton of help.
We finally moved the piano upstairs so the practice time is way more effective with Lucy, and she loves to play! I hope that attitude continues as she gets older.
I downloaded a ton of photos and realized Zoie was not in most of them, she is my little photographer. I had to sensor most of the photos, Scott and I got a real kick out of what she took pictures of, and Talmadge of courser was the guinea pig.
More of the worm collecting
Zoie in all her glory DANCING, she loves to dance next karate is on her list of to do's.
This is a regular occurrence in our home Lucy sits and reads stories to her brothers and sister, they love it and so do I!

She loves her some BRODY!
"I'm a mean pirate guy" so he tells me
Speaks for it's self, happy go lucky, dirty, and eating sand from the sand box
Some pool time, this is where we spent most of the time this summer. We got rid of the boat and put up the pool. Lucky for me we stayed at home and had many pool parties (I have not been feeling good this summer).

This is what I got up to one morning, Talmadge's breakfast. He is not messing around
Cute little Zoie swimming away, she really learned well this summer to swim and was so tan she looked like she didn't belong in our family!

All in all school is here Lucy is in 2nd grade and loves it. She is so shy I never would have known it. Zoie starts Kindergarten and is NOT looking forward to it. She wants to stay home with me, sad but makes me a little happy she doesn't want to leave me yet. I kept her home from preschool she just didn't want to go and I really worked with her on her alphabet but she is a pigheaded one and just didn't want to learn. So I will be curious to see how she does this year. Talmadge is wanting to go to school and is working on spelling and writing his name, his teachers are in for a real treat when he goes to preschool.
This is where Cannon spent most of his time this summer in between the sprinklers and the sandbox. He is so sweet and such a joy to have in our family. If he would only go to a babysitter so I could get away that would be great!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What the heck?? My comment went into outer space! I'll repeat it and just watch, they will both show up!!

Thanks for the pictures, I LOVE all of them. I so miss you all and am really anxious to see you -- pretty soon!!

I really need pictures, I am redoing my picture wall. All of the frames have been painted white, now I need to fill them. I have a 4 window frame for your kids. Gotta do it quick before there are five!!

We will see all of you soon, I love you much!


Will & Cheyenne said...

I am so glad you posted. Just remember that even though it FEELS like a long time since you posted, in the grand scheme of capturing your kids life, it's GREAT!

How are you feeling?