Monday, September 27, 2010

Ideas from moms/dads out there

We have decided together as a family we set up certain rules to try and "help" our children make smart choices, and keep them out of situations that could be harmful or not constructive for there spiritual growth. The most important thing to me as a mother is to "shelter" my children from the destructive things of the world and do all that I can to teach them to be Christlike, and have a testimony of the Savior. I want them to feel safe in our home, and have an open dialect about all topics.

Just a few simple and not too major rules that we have set up as a family are:
1. No sleepovers (unless mom & dad are going out of town)
2. Chore charts.....or consequences
3. Scripture study as a family in the am before school (it just helps set the mood for the day)
4. Personal prayers at night time.......
5. No bad words (we know what those are)
6. Not to be judgmental
7. No swimming on Sundays
8. Obeying parents (the answer "NO" is not acceptable)
9. T.V. and computer are monitored.
10. No TV before school (this is really hard considering Talmadge wakes up at 5:30, and Lucy 6) this is a work in progress

These are just a few simple rules we have set that we have found are helpful to our children in many ways.....obviously things are always changing and we are learning as we go. If some of these things make my children sheltered well good. To say "Someone's children are going to rebel because you shelter them." I think is a bunch of crap if I can do everything in my power to teach them correct principles and set up ground rules, so that later in life they can understand the importance of them, and gain a testimony on their own, it really doesn't matter what others think about the decisions you make as a couple in raising your children. Scott and I hope and pray everyday for guidance on how to raise our children and what is best for them.

What rules or things do you have set up in your home that can help your children?


Daisha said...

Those are all awesome rules which we also do in some shape or form. I agree that the no tv before school is hard . . . you have some seriously early risers!

To keep the sabbath day holy we don't watch sports or regualr movies or tv on Sunday. We allow church movies or educational stuff like national geographic. . . . one day no tv on Sun would be great, but we aren't there yet.

Jen said...

Those sounds exactly like our rules. Except we don't have to worry about swimming so much... I've cracked way down on the TV after having such success with a "no TV summer". The kids get PBS and Discovery channel only, and for very limited hours. They actually like it! And stand your ground on the sleepovers. I have heard more and more parents who feel the same way.

Will & Cheyenne said...

We wrote a Family Mission Statement several years ago, that talks about lots of this things. I always go back to it.

Another big rule in our home is "You must respect Mom and Dad's alone time". I want them to understand that our relationship is why the exist and it needs it's own time too.

We also really push our kids to be GRATEFUL. I know kids are a little selfish by nature, but I think it's important to constantly bring it back around.

You guys are doing a great job! Isn't parenting the "right way" exhausting sometimes????

Daisha said...

Hey Amber, We're moving back home in July for Cole to start up his own orthodontic practice and had a few questions about what school you have your kids at and such.

If you have a moment can you email me?
daishajohnson at

thanks so much!

Lisa Brown said...

I love this! I agree with ALL of those rules. How are you? Sounds like things are well there in Oregon!? Congrats on baby #5! You are amazing, I know you will be able to handle it. Miss you guys!