Thursday, January 29, 2009

The snow............

I know, I know a little late on the snow pictures, but I was just downloading and forgot I had taken these. We were out at my mom's where they
had a lot more snow than we got, this happen to be the first day of the snow storm so we were not quite prepared, non the less these girls had a good time, nothing like a black plastic trash bag for a make shift sled, we later purchased the real deal. Zoie couldn't get enough of sledding, Lucy just wanted to make a snowman, she is definately my creative child, and Zoie is the no fear girl.

It needed a scarf, she used all her resources
Talmadge did not want to come out and enjoy the fun, he hates the cold. I'm sure that will change


Lisa Marie said...

We did not take enough advantage of the snow when it was here :( Every year, I wish for it, then when it finally came, I have no great photos to show for it like you do. BTW, my kids are the EXACT same way. Elijah is my creative one that always wants to build snowmen, and Rogue is the fearless one that will fly down any hill you tell him to.

Anonymous said...

Zoie looks like she is having so much fun!! I love the delight in her face! And Lucy looks beautiful again. The last picture looks like a model shot!!

I miss you guys so much!!

Love to all,