Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And so it begins.......

It has been a while since my last post but we have been really busy. So much has been going on and we just can't seem to help ourselves by starting new projects. Scott and I both like to rip things apart and put them back together but,...........we are both terrible at finishing projects before we move on to the next so as you see here this is our new project.

Our basement bathroom is gutted just down to the bath tub, we are putting in heated floor system, new countertops, new flooring, lighting, sheetrock, ect........our goal is to have this done before my in-laws come which is May 21 or somewhere around there. Keep in mind we have already started ripping apart the only other bathroom upstairs, it has no flooring in the part we have to shower in, and a sink is gone, but hey it has 2 toilets still

In the meantime we have many other projects that we want to finish before then also, including grouting my kitchen countertops(which have been tiled now for almost 2 years), tiling my backsplash behind my stovetop (which has been partly my fault because I haven't found a cool design I would like to do, now I'm ready) tile my outside entry way (we have had the tile in the garage for almost 2 years). As you can see the list goes on we still have a ton of projects that are on going, I think that is just normal for homeowners.

I thinks Scott and I both look forward to the day we can build our own house and have everything done just the way we want it, although we both like to do projects and change things often so, that wouldn't last very long either.

All in all my poor husband is so busy and the last thing he wants to do is come home and work on his own home doing what he does all day, I must not be too bad of a nag, but it seems when family comes he gets a little spark under his butt and things get done. Hint hint, grandma and grandpa, mandi, jeff, chad, family come see us more often. :0)


Mandi said...

Believe me..Im tryin! Stupid gas prices jack up airline prices as well though. Hopefully we can earn miles through our credit card soon...I am puttng everything on it and just paying the one bill each month. Maybe in the late fall Ill have enough...we can celebrate some birthdays together!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, I will be there on the 18th.

And I am looking forward to it.

Grandpa Lashmett

Anonymous said...

But I won't be there until the 21st so that is OK !! I'll help paint....

I'm really anxious to see all of you!

Love you,


Prestwich Family said...

Ughhh! I am exhausted just reading about what you guys have to do! Good luck!