Friday, March 14, 2008


Thanks to my wonderful husband we had
a great time.
He surprised me with a house on the beach for the weekend. I love to go to the coast and it was so much fun. We stayed at a friends beach house that is 1.2 million $, so I felt like royalty as you can imagine. It was 3 stories and the third floor had a game room with a pool table. We played tons of pool, and games.

We ate at lots of yummy restaurants of course and acted like tourists. The picture above was at Depot Bay, and it was the only day it was storming so we got to see the big waves come up and make it through the blow holes. We were in Newport and saw the Sea Lions, no fishing boats came in to feed them, so we only saw a few. We went to the tide pools, which was a ton of fun. Scott had never done that before.

We went to the lighthouse and walked around there as well. We did some shopping
and went to the antique stores, we both love to do that

All in all it was a great get away with my husband and we decided we defiantly need to do this more often. The kids were in good hands and hardly missed us at all.

Thanks for the best 6 years of my life Scott, and were off to lots more of those years.


Mandi said...

Wow, that sounds like so much fun. We did a trip like that long before we were married to Cambria/Sonvang, and loved it.
Im sure glad he married you 6 years ago! Its nice to have a "sister" :o)

Shalyse said...

How fun!!! that whole house to yourselves? wahoo! :-) Glad you guys had a relaxing weekend...parents NEED those every once in a while to stay sane!

Anonymous said...

It sure looks cold!! It sounds like a really good time, wish we would do something like that....

Love you both,

Mom Lashmett

Carrie said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Way to go Scott for planning such a great weekend away!

Caldwell Chatter said...

Congrats on 6 happy years & three beautiful kids. Love that you guys got to get out without the three musketeers, you & Scott deserve a little alone time. = )