Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Anneversary........36 years

Congrats to mom and dad, on the 4th is there 36 year mark. Thanks so much for being such a great example to us kids, and showing us the way to be happy. No matter what has happened between these two with $, children, jobs, families, health, they have remained true and happy. They are such great examples for Scott and I and enduring to the end. I hope you are able to have many more of these great years together. They have said "They are still just beginning".
Love you both very much


Mandi said...

Great picture :o) Your Mom's hair looks so cute.

Happy Aniversary Amber's Mom and Dad!!!

Jake & April said...

Amazing! Your parents look great...even though it is "just the beginning!" Congrats to those that make it through life's challenges without deciding that it's just too hard. What great examples your parents are.

Lisa Brown said...

Oh look at them! So cute! Happy anniversary!