Sunday, February 10, 2008

So.....I've been tagged, thanks to Jenny :)

The rules of the game are to answer the questions, tag 5 other people, post their name then leave them a message on their blog letting them know that they have been tagged and so forth.

*10 Years Ago?
Oh let's see that was good times then. I was working in Oregon managing a car wash (that is a story in it's self), playing alot and living the single life to the fullest extent. I'm pretty sure I was up to no good. But we definately will not go there.

*5Things On My To Do list?-
1-Locate more crockpots for my enrichment activity
2-go to the doctors, once again for more ear infections
3-wash/vacuum my car
4-put together an activity for the kids at Lucy's school on Valentines day
5-stress.....then stress some more about my Enrichment on the 12, then I can breathe and go back to life for a little while longer

*3 Bad Habits?-
1-I know, I know I've heard it all before......Energy Drinks
2-I hate to make my bed......but my husband loves it so I'm trying to make it a good habit
3-I leave my cloths on the floor in the shower room

*Places I have Lived?-
Salem, Oregon
Provo, Utah
Mission Viejo, California

Things Most People Don't Know About Me?-
-I love to paint and have on going projects to work on around the house
-I competed on the National level of gymnastics for many years
-I am a clean freak about my floors, and kitchen
-I really dislike preparing an meat for meals

I tag......
Mandi Ausman
Lisa Brown
Jen Hiser
Cheyenne Hayes
Carrie Cox


Mandi said...

More ear infections? I thought it was supposed to be less if you nursed. Your kids must be passing them back and forth - that sucks!

Check out this site for Valentines stuff (its one I am using for my Preschool Homeschooling) On the right there are lots of crafts, and it suggests books etc.

Mandi said...

Oh and YEAH I will totally meet you in Cali. Brain's cousin Christina and his Mom Mary are having a lunch/shower for me on April 12th there. I didn't put you on the invite list cuz I figured you wouldn't be able to come just for that, but if your trip works out around that time...

sorensonshome said...

Glad you were able to join in the totally fun game of TAG! Ha Ha! Well tomorrow is the 12th and I'm sure all will go just how it should (at least to those of us who aren't on the inside) Good luck!