Friday, February 1, 2008

Love this girl

Little Zoie, something about the middle child syndrome, she definately either milks it or she truley is ignored more. Her sense of humor is halarious and she is so animated when she, yells at me and tells me things I'm doing wrong. A perfect example I say on a regular basis "bloody", it's a great adjective, and it's not a bad word. According to Zoie it is,

"Mom your saying that word again, to me, it's not very nice, and I don't appreciate it."

Since when does your 3 year old tell you they don't appreciate things. She then proceeds to tell me.....

"We don't call names, we don't call people Stupid, and we don't say bloody. We can't talk about weiners, and boobs, or body parts."

The things our kids say and remember, I have to really watch what comes out of my mouth.

A little more update, life is good here, Lucy is well and recovering. We had a doctor checkup today and she needs to be on antibiotics, yes imagine that she has an infection. She is a tough girl never complains about it and you would never know she was in more pain. She caught a cold virius about 2 days after surgery and has a horrible cough and is really congested, her throat is very vunerable and caught an infedtion. She will be good as new in about 5 days. I'm so glad for modern technology, and medicines that will help us all feel better quicker.


sorensonshome said...

Hey amber the second child syndrom is in your house too! Maddie is exactly the same. Funny! Hope Lucy gets better no fun being sick as we Sorensons know ontop of everything we've been given we have the 24hr flu going around

Mandi said...

Zoie is so funny! I can't wait to see all of them :o) Ellie is the same way...I told Brian (before we had our surprise) that we might as well have another because Ellie acts like a middle child anyway.

Poor Lucy, she can't get a break. Im glad shes doing better. At least we take turns hu? She has to get better before Brians surgery, then after him it will be someone elses turn.

Will & Cheyenne said...

We sure have been thinking about you guys! Those quotes are precious. Hope you are writing them down!!

Prestwich Family said...

Okay, to hear that about Zoie cracks me up because in all of nursery I think she spoke about two sentences. Hilarious! I glad Lucy did well in surgery and hope she gets completely better real soon!

Grandma Lashmett said...

Where did my reply go?? I left a message and it is not there! (I HATE computers!!)

I LOVE the picture of Zoie, she looks adorable, I think I need it for my wall. (I will be redoing all of the photos.) I love her always telling you what you "don't talk about". She was doing that when I was there.

I am so anxious to see the kids, they change so quickly!

Love to all of you, I hope Lucy is well by now.