Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Late Birthday Zoie

So for those of you who thought I forgot this firecrackers birthday I did not. I have been so busy and just haven't gotten around to posting her pictures and her birthday fun.
Here she is in all her glory this girl threw up so much as a baby, I thought something was wrong with her, this is how she looked most of the time as a baby due to the projectile throwups.

Nope nothing has changed from this picture, this girl came out kicking and screaming and is still the very same today. She lets you know when she is happy and or mad, and has no problem letting you know these things. She is so funny and has such a great vocabulary it's hilarious to listen to her talk and the dialect she uses with her sister.
These two are best friends and I wouldn't have it any other way. The fighting sometimes triumphs the love but all in all they really are each others very best friends.

We are so glad that Zoie is part of our home, we have been blessed with such a sweet spirit and I'm so greatful to Heavely Father who has intrusted her to my care. I learn so much from her and she shows me such unconditional love, I want to be a better mother for my children so they can grow and learn to be charitable and more Christ like. Children truley are special spirits of our Father in Heaven. I love my kids!!!!!!!
Happy #3 Birthday Zoie


Grandpa L. said...


I hope you had a very happy birthday.

I love you very much!!!!!

Grandpa Lashmett

Shalyse said...

Those pictures are so sweet! It's fun to look back b/c she'd grown up so fast, I remember when you were prego with her! She's such a little cutie!

Mandi said...

Happy Happy Birthday Zoie!!!

Grandma L. said...

Zoie, I know you had a great birthday. Your Mom takes such good care of you and does so much for you kids. As you know, I had trouble finding your gift. I'm glad you have finally received it and hope your really enjoy it.

I love you tons and wish I could see you.

Grandma Lashmett

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Zoie! Hope you all had a fun day!