Thursday, September 13, 2007

While you were sleeping

Dad woke up to an interesting new attire. The girls were so gentle and quiet he didn't even budge the whole time. The couldn't leave the helpless baby out of all the fun so he got plastered with stickers too. They have so much fun being silly


Lisa Brown said...

That is hilarious!!! I can't believe that Scott didn't even wake.

Jason Young said...

I am laughing outloud!!


Carrie said...

So funny Amber. I laughed so hard!

Mandi said...

I have pictures of Alison doing that to Ellie! Must run in the family ;o)

Caldwell's Snapshots said...

I too love guilt free naps…however, if my kids were to even touch or look at me I would wake up right away!

By the way, we need new picture of your kids. So stop spending quality time with the family & neglect them so you can update your blog. ; )