Monday, August 20, 2007

The Pool

Well I guess the pool will definatley work for the rest of this summers exciting days. All of our vacation and big plans are finished for this summer. We make it up to the boat about once a week sometimes more depending on what's going on, if the girls had it there way they would be happier staying at home everyday to go in the pool. As you can see we put the slide in it, and that is really funny to watch. Lucy gets crazy on it, and Zoie well, were lucky if she ventures down it. If she does it ends up to be a overly dramatic experience with her head going under. Needless to say that was the best 25$ I have spent on the pool.

Pool pictures are great, and makes the days go by much quicker when I'm all alone with the kids.

This is a rare occasion for Zoie to be in a bust out loud laugh. Lucy was being her silly self and Zoie couldn't contain herself. I can't wait til Talmadge is big enough to enjoy the hot days outside with the girls.


Mandi said...

Looks like fun! I had a terrable day and would love to be taking fun pictures today. But no, Im just trying not to break down...ill post about it later. Wish we were closer so they could all play together!

Grandma said...

What happy, happy faces!! They really look like they are having a ball. Yes, next year Talmadge will be right in there with them!

Carrie said...

Those are great pictures Amber. It's a lot easier playing in the pool in the backyard than dragging everyone and everything to the city pool! Your kids are growing up so fast!!