Friday, October 8, 2010

Adding one more

I have had all kinds of mixed feelings about a new addition to our family. I'm happy to say we are so excited that it's a GIRL! Scott, the girls, the boys (even Cannon)and I said from the very beginning it's going to be a girl, we were all right. I couldn't even think of boy names.

If I don't record the events leading up to this I will forget, so hear goes about 1 year ago I was telling Scott I really feel like we are missing another child from our family and I had many different experiences that led me to believe it was a girl that was still waiting to come to us. When I started to express these things to Scott he had told me of different instances where he had the same feelings. Keep in mind we were DONE! I thought 4 is a great # and I really didn't want to do the whole pregnant thing again, I am not one of those who enjoys being pregnant. Medically it is really hard on my hips and back and all the other uncomfortable things that go along with getting huge. So we had talked about adopting, that was the extent of that and we just kept "talking" about it not making any big plans. We weren't really preventing anything either so the possiblilty was always there, well it happened. I was mad, sad, irritated, surprised, happy, scared, all those emotions I'm not good enough to handle 5, I'm just a stress case. Apparently Heavenly Father thinks I can do it and he was trying to prep me a year ago when I had strong feelings of someone missing.

We are glad to find out it was a girl, Scott kept saying "If it's not a girl, we are not done yet" both of us knowing there was still a little girl to come, so YEAH! Let's just hope in 2 years we don't have another "feeling" of someone missing.


Daisha said...

Yeah!! That is so exciting. Congratulations!

Will & Cheyenne said...

Thanks for sharing the story! When are you due?

Jen said...

I super excited for you guys! You are an awesome mom, and you have two great little helpers who will adore a baby sister.

Anonymous said...

I really felt that it is a girl too! Have you chosen a name yet? I sure hope she is born on her due date!!!

I love grandkids so I am very happy!

Love to all of you,


Mandapanda said...

Hey this post was about a million years ago - when are you due? Have you had your little girl yet? I feel so out of the loop these days - hope you are doing well - miss you.