Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cannon Lee

It's just amazing how quickly they grow up, he is already 9 weeks old and is smiling and talking to us. He is super chubby and has rolls all over his body, his smile is huge just like Lucy and Scott's, and he has huge kissable lips and cheeks. For the most part he is a pretty good baby, and is an Awesome sleeper. With Talmadge around there is no rest for the weary so I'm glad I at least get to sleep a little bit more during the night than I ever have before with a newborn. I must admit that having 4 kids is a lot of work, but very worth it.
Talmadge is so sweet with him he loves him (a little too much sometimes), gives him kisses and wants to always hold him considering how Talmadge is he is really good with him. But I'm not yet ready to have them sleep in the same room for fear of what will happen behind closed doors.


Mandi said...

so so cute!!

jakenapril said...

oh how i love chubby, roly-poly babies! he is so cute! and i know how it is with Talmadge as Ashton is the same way, the loving and hugging and the wanting to wrestle the new baby. and i especially understand about the whole room-sharing situation. boys!

Will & Cheyenne said...

He totally looks like you! Crazy! You have the cutest kids!

Anonymous said...

Well, time you heard from Grandma....

I saw this just before we left for Virginia, but it was a frantic time. He is soooo cute! He looks like he must really have rolls all over, he must eat well!

I'm so anxious to see him. At the rate we are going he will be walking before we see him!!

Thanks for the pictures, I've been wondering what he looks like. (Aside from the big smile like Lucy and Scott.)

I love you all,