Sunday, March 22, 2009

Here is the new baby. Cannon Lee Lashmett,
7lb 12oz, 19 1/4 inches long. He was born at 12:40pm on Saturday March 21st. I have no idea how to post a blog, and since Amber is in the hospital, and people are going to want to see what is happening, I thought that I might try it. I have no idea what will happen. Amber went into labor on Friday at 12:45pm. It lasted almost exactly 24 hours (if she only could have held on for 5 more minutes). The baby was a healthy, and had no immediate problems. He currently is in a light machine for Jaundice, but will be able to come home on Monday March 23rd.

The kids are not sure what to think of him. Talmadge was mad at mom for leaving him with Grandpa for two days, and refused to talk to, hug, or kiss her with his first visit. He does not understand the whole baby thing yet, and I am sure that once he figures out that he is no longer the baby, he won't like it one bit.

Lucy, who we thought would be the motherly one, could care less. She is more interested in writing on the white board in the room, practicing her spelling. She also LOVES the hospital cafeteria. I am not sure if it is the food, or the new experience, but anytime she is there, we are going to make a trip to get some sort of food item or drink.
Zoie is the one that it totally maternal. On our way to visit this morning, she was so concerned about how the baby was going to get home with out a car seat, not realizing that it was in the back of the car, and not in place yet. The first night she was all about holding him, and talking to him.

When we went to visit him today, we found out that he had to do the same bellirubin machine that Talmadge had. He is on it 24/7 and does not leave. It makes visiting your new baby lame, when you can not hold him. Amber has to go the nursery to feed him, they won't even let him come to the room for that. Hopefully he will be well enough that we won't have to have light at home like we did with Talmadge. Here is a photo that I took of him a few hours ago.

Alright, I am signing off, and will let the professional do a post when she is home.


Amber said...

I have to say that I did a pretty nice job.

Mandi said...

you did awesome!

That sucks that he is in there 24/7. So Amber gets even less sleep because they can't bring the baby to her? Lame. He is beautiful, and I can't wait to meet him. Im gonna steal some pics for my blog ;o)

Amber said...

Nice job on the blog Scott, maybe you can keep it updated from now on. Thanks for being so good with the kids, they are in good hands with you.


jakenapril said...

Wow! I am thoroughly impressed, Scott. I think that my SIL had to post when I had our last one as Jake is not as well-versed in the ways of the blog. Congratulations on little Cannon Lee. He sure is handsome. The billi lights are no fun, but I guess it's better to have him in the lights at the hospital than to have to take lights least that's what my husband had to keep telling me. What a precious little guy. There's no doubt that he will be well-loved and taken care of. And I'm sure Talmadge will come around. Congrats again.

ThE RaSmUsSeN's said...

GReat job on the blog update, you're preety good at this Scott.And great job Amber, he's a cutie, I can't believe you were in labor for so long! That's so cute that Zoie feels so concerned about him already.

Jason Young said...

YIPEE!!! Congrats you guys! I must say I'm a tad bit jealous :)


Jessica said...

Congrats to you guys. I'm glad things went well, except for the long labor. Good thing we have blogs, so I can see pictures of all your cute kids.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Scott, I too am impressed with your blogging. You better be careful or you will be the new designated Blogger.

I can't wait to see the baby, I may have to come without Dad. He is in radiation five days a week until May 12th. We'll see.

Love to all of you, I hope it is easy on you, Amber.


Lisa Marie said...

Yay- Congratulations!!

Will & Cheyenne said...

Okay, SOMEHOW in my set up to "follow" all my friends blogs, I must have missed yours....all this time I just thought you weren't updating! Crap! So great to catch up! Your kids are just so cute. Let's never let Talmage and Morgan date, okay? Congrats on Cannon and I hope you are feeling good! I REALLY need to come see you!

jenae nae said...

I am so excited for you guys- hope the delivery was fast and painless- ha ha hope you are doing good :)