Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday

What a great night this was my sisters and I planned a surprise birthday party for our dad, we sent out 100 invitations and about 60+ people were there, his two sisters showed up and that was a surprise to all. Marylyn came from Washington, and Chris flew in from Utah is was a great night.

As you can tell from this picture he was shocked, he turned back around to my mom after the initial look on his face and said "What the hell is this?" We had told him we were having a ward event at my home (Not uncommon), and that they were going to pick the kids up at 7 to watch them for us, he was not very thrilled at that babysitting for his birthday, fun Huh.

Anyway it was a great weekend and emotional as well, my sibilings and I put together a book of memories for my dad, on things we have learned from him, and events that have shaped our lives, it was great we were able to read them to him after the party was over and that was a touching experience. It was a night I know he will not forget, thanks to everyone who participated, it was great to celebrate the birthday of my biggest hero.


Jason Young said...

I was wondering how that went! Congrats on pulling it off.
Aren't you about ready to pop? I thought you were a couple of weeks ahead of me. Exciting.


Beachgrama said...

When I talked to your Dad, he said he was totally caught off guard, and the he usually catches wind of stuff. So you girls really got him!
What a great Birthday surprise!!

loving having your Mom and Leah and family here.

aunt katherine

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lee! What a great thing to do, Amber. The book of memories is really neat; I love that kind of stuff....

Love to you,

Mom Lashmett