Friday, February 20, 2009


So for those of you who don't know my sister and I have been planning a surprise 60th Birthday party for my dad next friday, at it will be at my house. We are super excited and have invited so many of his old time friends, and family we don't see very often. We are expecting around 100 or so, so it's just kinda a big deal.

But I decided it is wonderful to have functions at my home, it makes my husband and I finish a lot of unfinished projects. In the past few weeks I have repainted my kitchen to a lighter color, restained my upper cabinets to a darker, repainted and stained my island a new color, repainted my entry way twice first time green, hated it then back to a different shade of red. Finished painting and adding all new hardware to my corner china cabinent. Repainted all of the new baby's room and Talmadges room, got comforters, pillows, and curtains for it that actually all match. The boys room has kinda been a collect all room for upstairs and not very boyish, but I finally figured out what route I was going to take, it only took me two years :) Touched up all my basement paint, fixed a hole in the wall that has been at the bottom of my stairs, reorganized all the closets in the house, and took a huge pile to goodwill, potted my flower containers out front with all new primroses, tulips, and daffodils, the list goes on of other small things........can you just say I must be nesting, I was up at 5am this morning cleaning all my tile downstairs that Scott grouted the night before, I just can't stop I feel like I have so much to do before this baby comes and my big Enrichment night two days before the party. I think maybe I will be ready for my baby to come the first week of March, after all the stress is gone and I can relax.

Poor Scott his honey do list just gets bigger and bigger he has put the new window in upstairs, grouted all my basement tile, tiled the counter tops in the basement and my entry. His list still includes grouting the kitchen counter tops, putting in the base boards in the kitchen, and all other misc. things I give him to do, he is contemplating finishing the basement bathroom which is halfway remodeled......that is a huge project all on it's own. On top of all this he has to put up with a 9 month pregnant wife who is a major stress case...........along with the kids who for the most part are o.k. it's just the little one that gives us trouble.

I'm not quite sure why I always do these things to myself while extremely pregnant, but is does make time go by quicker.


Prestwich Family said...

Okay, you are putting me to shame. I think I get the dishes done and maybe a load of laundry a day! I don't know how you do it. Hope your dad's party is great!!

Anonymous said...


I want to wish you your Dad a very happy birthday.

I know I stopped counting along time ago.

Besure to get that downstairs bathroom done - Shirley and I will coming sometime after the baby is born.

Give the kids a hug and a kiss for me.

Love ya,

Grandpa Lashmett

jackman said...

Hi Amber,

My name is Lisa Younkin(Miller)...scott and I dated a million years ago. Anyway my friend Jenn looked for scott on facebook and couldn't find him then she found your blog and shared it with me. I just wanted to say hello and tell you that your family is beautiful and best of luck on the next one!!

Anonymous said...

I wrote a whole comment yesterday and just before I published it I mistakenly deleted it!! Bummer!!

It sounds like the burst of energy you get before the baby comes. If that is it, you should have already have had the baby!! How did the party go?

You put me to shame; I still have boxes to unpack from my remodel. I am such a deadline person, guess I need you guys to come down so I have a reason to finish up. I sure wish you were here to help me "accessorize" the rooms. I have lots of "stuff" and little imagination.

I'll be waiting to hear about my new Grandson any minute now...

Love to all of you, Mom

Jen said...

Send Scott over my way when he's done with his honey-do's. We could use some help... :)