Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Such a big girl

It's hard to believe as I continue to send by little girl off to Kindergarten everyday that she is just not so little anymore. She loves school and is ready every morning very early even though she doesn't go until 12:30. She is learning so much and wants to constantly be working on her homework, alphabet, and numbers. She is so close to reading. I'm so very proud of her. She has so many friends, I walked her to school one day and at the door she met up with a little boy in her class he grabbed her hand and they walked all the way down the hall to class together, hand in hand. I later asked her "Is that your boyfriend", her response, "Huh no mom, he is just my friend that happens to be a boy"

Most of the time I let her dress herself, but if I need to help out it is a total nightmare, she actually has a really cute sense of style and comes up with very creative outfits, I'm not so sure where she gets that from. Her teachers call her a Diva with all her different things she wears, hopefully it stays cute and appropriate through the teenage years.......

She is so excited and ready to have another brother, although she expressed "A girl would be better because a girl is better to dress up. I can put head bands on, paint her fingernails and toenails, get her ear rings, and lots of other cute things, boys are kinda boring."


Anonymous said...

Wow, she does look so grown up!! I really miss seeing all of you. I check your blog every day and was so happy to see a post.

Congrats on the "boy". That will be nice for Talmadge.

I love and miss all of you,


Mandi said...

she looks older than 2 months ago when i saw her! She does have super cute outfits and i love the bags :O)

jakenapril said...

It's hard to believe sometimes how quickly kids grow up...but then life hits you once they go to school! She is a cutie! And congrats on the baby boy on the way. That is fabulous!