Thursday, May 1, 2008


With all this beautiful weather we have been having we were outside working, and by the door was this grasshopper.
Zoie was scared to death of it, after a while she warmed up enough to look at the camera with this "i guess it's o.k." kindof a face, she is so funny. Loves all bugs but if they move and jump quick she freaks.

Talmadge on the other hand the typical boy smears bugs into the ground or pavement, smashes them with his feet, bangs them with his toy hammer, rips legs, and wings off, and smushes them in between his fingers, this all happens after he has man handeled it for so long, it' begging for mercy............


Anonymous said...

They can have the grasshopper, and any other bugs! Talmadge is SO-0-0 boy!!! I'm just not into bugs at all.

I'll be seeing you soon and can hardly wait! (Have Talmadge leave the bugs outside!)

Love you all,


Mandi said...

Zoie did good! My girls are so girly (especially Al) She starts crying if she sees a bug get too close. Cute pictures :o)