Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sick Baby

And so it begins. Just when you get the doctor bill payed off from last winter, in time to rack that one back up. Poor Talmadge well all my kids they have been doomed with ear infections forrrreeevvvveeeerrrrr. We just got back from the Doctors today to find out he has a double ear infection with his left ear on the verge of bursting, Lucy has a sore throat, and Zoie is saying her ear hurts. Unfortunately my baby gets sick and it goes straight to his lungs he has the cursed asthma. This is him being pinned down to enhale his medicne on his machine for 3-5 minutes. When we are through he is ticked off and his nose is bright red from keeping the mask on. I hate winters here in Oregon. It seems we are always sick and we seem to catch it all. Poor me Huh, that sounds pathetic I'm sure all you mothers out there have to endure the same thing all winter longa s well.


Grandma said...

Poor Talmadge, blessed with his Dad's ears. Do they still do tubes? Scott's ear infections totally stopped when he got tubes. I hope everyone is well for Thanksgiving.

I love you all,

Mandi said...

That really sucks. My kids are sick ALL THE TIME, but it is never bad (knock on wood). I hope you don't get it! Thats the wost..trying to take care of everyone else when you feel like crap.

Carrie said...

Amber - I'm so sorry your kids are sick! You've gotta love the nebulizer treatments, eh? Landon had RSV and he HATED the treatments. I don't blame them though. How'd you like that thing on your face? :)

Jason Young said...

Poor Babies!!! That is so sad. I would much rather be sick than have my kids not feeling well. That totally stinks for them AND you!! Hang in there!!


austin & cherisse dyer said...

sorry just flipping through here and round your blog, then i saw the star wars apparatus. we are all too familiar with this one and then the trip to the emergency room when it does not help. drop us a line and take care.