Monday, November 19, 2007

More doctor visits

Sorry my blog lately has consisted of bad sick posts, but hey it's that time of year. Last night we took Lucy to the ER she has some weird rash all over her face. Come to find out it's called the fifth disease, commonly known as the "slapped cheek syndrome". My kids have crazy things that they come down with. It is highly contaigious and there is no cure, it could last up to 5 weeks, it's kinda cute in a sick way she has big chubby cheeks and now they are bright red. This morning Talmadge as a patch of red on his cheek so we will see. Scott and Zoie went to the Doctor today they still aren't feeling better. Come to find out they both has strep throat, and Scott on top of that has a sinus infection and another virus she isn't sure about that is causing him to have severe hot and cold sweats. Awesome huh. I agree with some of you I think Heavenly Father watches out for mothers so they can take care of the family when everyone is ill. Keep your fingers crossed Lucy and Talmadge don't end up with strep, or myself for that matter. With Thanksgiving coming I'm so greatful for my family and for health and strength. I find in times of sickness I really am greatful for good health most of the time.


Mandi said...

Oh my gosh - you guys got it bad this time. I hope Scott and Zoie feel better quick and will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving. That's the worst holiday to have a sore throat!

Shalyse said...

SERIOUSLY???? I can't believe this is all going on at you house. I am so sorry!

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