Thursday, October 11, 2007

Naked Babies

I love these days where they all get in the bath together and the big sisters just help scrub and clean the baby. They definitely notice and talk about Talmadge's wiener, a comment commenly said in our house is "Mom we don't talk about wieners do we", it's so different from there "Bajinas" that it seems they are always making comments regarding it. That soon will pass I hope or the baths will become same sex only. It's just cute to have naked babies all toghther in one bath photo.


Mandi said...

Look how tan your girls look still! Cute picture.

Shalyse said...

I love pictures of naked babies too! your kids are all so funny...I'm sure you hear lots of silly things around your house! :)

Jason Young said...

TO CUTE!!! What beautiful babies you guys have :)